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  • Meet the Mentors
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    David Anderton
    (Classes in English)
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    David Anderton
    David is the co-founder of a pre-funding startup AngelRaise, and is currently a semi-finalist in the MIT $100k competition. David has also worked as a consultant in San Francisco for YC graduates, AirPair and won the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in 2014.
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    Debora Basso
    (Classes in Portuguese and English)
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    Debora Basso
    Debora is an MBA candidate at Haas School of Business with 6+ years of experience with early stage social ventures and startup acceleration programs. She has supported several startups in Education, FinTech and Housing industries.
    Daniel Wildt
    (Classes in Portuguese)
    Daniel Wildt
    Daniel is Partner/CTO at, an Agile Methodologies practitioner since 2003, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) trainer, writer and mentor.
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    Oskar Niburski
    (Classes in English)
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    Oskar Niburski
    Oskar is on the founding team at Hockeystick, a stock portfolio management SaaS company. Winner of OCE SmartStart Award in 2015. A full stack developer, building mainly in Rails, Angular, Meteor, Javascript, Backbone.
    Ideal for students in Brasil
    Learn with Daniel Wildt
    6 Live classes in Portuguese
    Every Saturday, 3pm - 4pm, Brasilia
    August 06, 2016 - September 10, 2016
    Meet Daniel

    Daniel is Partner/CTO at, an Agile Methodologies practitioner since 2003, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) trainer, writer and mentor.

    Thank you for bringing this into the world!
    - Jeff T.
    Class Details

    Mentive classes take place once a week in a virtual online classroom, and follow a curriculum tailored to supplement the course topics with real-life examples, feedback and challenges. We also threw in two exclusive sessions to expand on industry best practices and applications of the concepts learned.

    Our experienced mentors often customize parts of the content to suit your specific group’s needs.

    • Week 1
      Free bonus
      First week of class! Meet your group, get started with a hands-on discussion of startup good practices and your business ideas
    • Week 2
      How to craft a compelling value proposition?
    • Week 3
      Who to sell to and how to get your product into your user's hands
    • Week 4
      How to engage with your users and create a sustainable revenue model
    • Week 5
      Learn how to identify and cultivate strong partnerships. Understand your resources and manage them intelligently
    • Week 6
      Free bonus
      Understand your business model canvas, receive tailored advice on the riskiest hypothesis and the next steps for your company
    Why learn in small groups?
    Learning online should not mean learning alone. Just like in high-school or college, collaborating with classmates and participating in class discussions of the course content are a fundamental part of learning. By taking the course with a small group of classmates, students benefit from the experience and perspectives of their fellow students, as well as from the guidance of a mentor.
    How can Mentive’s live classes be so affordable?
    The best learning experience can only be achieved with a great platform, carefully crafted course materials, and the best mentors. We never compromise on any of those. By teaching in small groups, we are able to share the costs of running each class among several students, resulting in a very low tuition fee per student.
    Why is Mentive supporting this course?
    Mentive supports only the most rigorous online courses, for which live interactions with classmates and an experienced mentor would add the highest value for students. Our academic team, led by UC Berkeley Professor Armando Fox, builds a custom curriculum for each course, specifically designed to maximize our students’ chances of passing the course and achieving their learning goals.
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