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Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
A MIT course offered on edX
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  • Meet the Mentors
    Volodymyr Pershyn
    (Classes in English, Russian)
    Volodymyr Pershyn
    Volodymyr is certified senior software developer in test. His current mission - improvement of software quality and processes by introducing best practices and approaches in one of the biggest pharma companies. He never stops learning.
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    Michael Smith
    (Classes in English)
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    Michael Smith
    Michael brings 25+ years of field experience with electronics, computers and programming. He has enhanced his programming skills with over 40 online courses. He enjoys helping others learn and putting knowledge to practical use.
    Dhananjay Pandit
    (Classes in English, Hindi, Marathi)
    Dhananjay Pandit
    Dhananjay is a Computer Engineering student and an ardent MOOC fan. He has been the Google Student Ambassador for his college. Dhananjay also volunteers as a Community TA for the Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails XSeries on edX.
    Zarak Mahmud
    (Classes in English)
    Zarak Mahmud
    Zarak is driven by a deep sense of curiosity and approaches his learning by identifying skills that are fundamental and transferable across numerous disciplines.
    Thank you for bringing this into the world!
    - Jeff T.
    Class Details

    Mentive classes take place once a week in a virtual online classroom, and follow a curriculum tailored to supplement the course topics with real-life examples, exercises and challenges. We also threw in two exclusive sessions to expand on industry best practices and applications of the concepts learned.

    Our experienced mentors often customize parts of the content to suit your specific group’s needs.

    • Week 1
      Free bonus
      First week of class! Meet your group, get started with real applications of computer science concepts
    • Week 2
      Principles of computation and stored-program computers; syntax and semantics in programming languages; elementary expressions, basic data types, and conditionals in Python
    • Week 3
      Iteration; floating-point arithmetic and accuracy; intro to iterative algorithms; functions and environments; calling functions on Python objects
    • Week 4
      Recursion; tuples, lists, dictionaries, and other compound data objects; functions as objects
    • Week 5
      Debugging; testing; exceptions and error handling
    • Week 6
      Algorithmic efficiency and "big-Oh" notation; orders of growth; basic searching and sorting algorithms, and their time and space complexity
    • Week 7
      Classes, instance methods, attribute getters and setters, inheritance; generators and yield()
    • Week 8
      Data structures: trees and graphs; traversing and searching; decision trees
    • Week 9
      Free bonus
      What’s next? See what you can build with your new skills and identify your next challenge
    Why learn in small groups?
    Learning online should not mean learning alone. Just like in high-school or college, collaborating with classmates and participating in class discussions of the course content are a fundamental part of learning. By taking the course with a small group of classmates, students benefit from the experience and perspectives of their fellow students, as well as from the guidance of a mentor.
    How can Mentive’s live classes be so affordable?
    The best learning experience can only be achieved with a great platform, carefully crafted course materials, and the best mentors. We never compromise on any of those. By teaching in small groups, we are able to share the costs of running each class among several students, resulting in a very low tuition fee per student.
    Why is Mentive supporting this course?
    Mentive supports only the most rigorous online courses, for which live interactions with classmates and an experienced mentor would add the highest value for students. Our academic team, led by UC Berkeley Professor Armando Fox, builds a custom curriculum for each course, specifically designed to maximize our students’ chances of passing the course and achieving their learning goals.
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