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Become a Mentor

Mentive lets you make money by sharing your knowledge with others, because we believe that personal interactions are essential for learning.

There are many great online courses out there. Each attracts thousands of students who could use some extra help. These students come to Mentive to join live online small-group meetings where they can ask questions about the course content, watch live examples and meet fellow course-takers. Each group is led by a mentor, who is paid to support students through the course.

When university students have questions they go to teaching-assistant sections, when online students have questions they come to Mentive.

If you are really good at what you do and have experience teaching or training others - you can offer sections on Mentive too!

What you’ll do

  • Meet your students once a week for a one-hour live discussion in an online classroom.
  • Prepare for the meetings. Mentive provides suggested teaching materials, but your section content is completely up to you. Each section meeting would include reviewing course materials, answering students’ questions and facilitating discussions.

What you'll need

  • A quiet, distraction-free room to teach in.
  • A reliable computer, webcam and microphone, and fast internet connection.
  • Reviewed teaching materials.

What you get

  • Build reputation - teach others and position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Learn by teaching - fine tune and expand your professional knowledge
  • Expand your network - meet students and fellow mentors
  • Earn money by working a few hours a week, from home, teaching things that you already know


We screen mentor applications rigorously to ensure that Mentive students get the best online learning experience.

We look for:

  • Knowledge or experience in the course field
  • Proven familiarity with the online course
  • Teaching, training or tutoring experience