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" It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. "

I started my career in 1996 in corporate sector and have extensive experience in software building. I felt there is a great need of teaching Technology to kids and this was a transition point for me to bring out my entrepreneurial spirit. I work with elementary and middle schools and teach them how to code.

Short Biography
Venus has an entrepreneurial spirit and interest for software engineering. This combination meets her passion for transmitting knowledge in Wize Academy. She is the co-founder of this amazing initiative teaching kids computational thinking.

My education and professional experience
I have double Master's in Information Technology and Master's in Business Administration. I started my career in 1996 and have extensive experience in Software building. Last year, I started my own initiative, Wize Academy, where I teach kids computational thinking and how to code. I have taught over 200 kids last year and I enjoy my role as an educator!

Why I am teaching this course
I have a great interest for software engineering and I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge.

Looking forward working with you all! We together make it happen!!

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