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I am a Rice MEE alumni and a rising Privacy Engineering masters student at CMU. I have experience in adaptive learning research, training as an IAPP-certified privacy professional, and experience in software development for startups.

My education and professional experience
I graduated from Rice University with an Electrical Engineering degree, specializing in Machine Learning and Signal Processing. The focus of the research was on personalized learning: online learning tools that learn from students as students learn from them, providing a student content and instruction at his or her own pace. This experience provided me an introduction to pedagogy and the science of learning. I went on from this experience into the startup world, working on designing the second-generation hardware prototype for a medical device startup, and launching the back-end of a seed-stage electronics manufacturing startup. After my tenure at MacroFab, I learned about the tech policy space surrounding data privacy, and honed my software engineering skills by taking this course, and benefiting immensely from it.

Why I am teaching this course
I have a passion for broadening access to education, and especially STEM education. I want to encourage more students to think critically, and to think computationally. I believe this course is particularly exemplary in teaching modern software engineering methodologies; since I learned so much from it, I am happy to give back and help improve the course experience for more students.

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