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" Programming defies the laws of physics, it allows you to make something out of nothing "

I’ve been designing and developing software for over 36 years on a variety of platforms and languages starting with the Apple ][+ and 6502 Assembler, on up to Docker containers running microservices written in Python Flask. While I've managed several Agile teams as a Scrum Master, I still write code almost every day. Programming is part of my being. I would do it for free if I wasn’t paid to (don’t tell my boss). While some may say that you are “only as old as you feel”, for a programmer I believe that “you are only as old as the tools and technology that you use” so I try and learn a new tool or technology at least every year to stay young (and relevant).

Short Biography
John is a Senior Software Architect and Hands-On DevOps Evangelist for a variety of development projects. He published author of industry papers in CS and several books on video editing and music creation. John is passionate about teaching and music.

My education and professional experience
Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Leading a team of researchers that are working on various cloud migration technologies including image migration, workload migration, and cloud native transformation leveraging technologies such as IBM Bluemix, Cloud Foundry, Docker containers, DevOps pipelines, and microservices. Adjunct Professor at the New York University. Teaching graduate course CSCI-GA.3033-011 Transformation to Cloud Computing at NYU for the Spring 2015 semester along with fellow researchers. In this course, students will learn about IT infrastructure transformation activities both in the general sense and with a focus on transformation to cloud computing. In contrast to incremental, organic, and routine changes to the infrastructure, transformation activities are planned, highly coordinated, large-scale changes. Students will learn about the drivers for transformation, the economics of migration to cloud, the steps involved in the transformation process including discovery, workload placement, and actual migration techniques.

Why I am teaching this course
I know how impactful this course can be from taking it myself and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to help students on their journey to Agile Software Development. I’m hoping that my passion for designing and developing code in an Agile fashion will inspire students to innovation and create something better than I could have.

In my section...
I'm here to fill in the gaps, connect the dots, explain in a different way, or simply go over concepts that weren't understood the first time. If you don’t understand something, perhaps it’s because I didn’t explain it well so ask it again until I explain it in a way that you can understand it.

Find a mentor... be a mentor... share your knowledge... see you in class!

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