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" born to go through hardships and then to succeed. Mystery as it is, to be solved. I enjoy it. "

It's been a venturesome journey for me to be able to do what I wanted to do, as a profession. I was dreaming to be a computer programmer from early high school days, but the time has been right for me only just a year ago. I mean I was practicing but not as a profession.

Short Biography
Baris is a freelancer and a web developer. He enjoys coding challenges and the solving mysteries by troubleshooting. Sometimes it may be hard but life is a challenge.. an exciting challenge!

My education and professional experience
I am a Microsoft certified professional. I have a certification in Programming in HTML5 with CSS3, and Javascript from Microsoftl. I was graduated from the department of Applied Maths and Computer Science with an honor degree in Cyprus in 1998

Why I am teaching this course
I would like to teach this course because I love teaching so much. Would like to get in touch with students and tell them about the issues that I know. Actually when we teach only we can penetrate in depth to the core of the subject.

In my section...
Apart from teaching in my opinion a good teacher should understand the psychology of students very well to be able to teach effectively. And I believe that one has to love people from all over the world without any discrimination.

A helping hand is a time saver as long as we have the passion and motivation for teaching and learning.

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