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I'm a web / software developer (self-taught), musician (guitar and drums), and father of twins (both girls). I believe information wants to be free and I want to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of developers.

Short Biography
Wes is a freelance developer with over 7 years of experience. He's worked with clients ranging from individuals and startups to global brands and Fortune 500 companies, and now he wants to share the lessons he's learned along the way.

My education and professional experience
I kicked off my freelance career by taking on projects and learning what I needed to know as I went. As MOOCs and sites like CodeSchool and KhanAcademy became more prevalent I was able to fill the gaps in my knowledge that weren't covered by online tutorials or personal experience. I started to make a name for myself in the WordPress community by contributing to projects like WP-CLI and the WP REST API, and went on to work for a number of high-profile clients like AllRecipes and PETA. I'm currently a Software Engineer at GE Aviation.

Why I am teaching this course
I tried taking the traditional course with education and my experiences with unqualified instructors and outdated information convinced me that colleges just aren't equipped or incentivized to keep up with the constantly shifting landscape of web development. My first tutoring experience was actually while I was in college, when one of my teachers started sending students to me for help because I understood the course material better than he did. I got my start teaching professionally while doing some consulting work for a local company (their lead developer needed a crash-course on MVC frameworks). Since then I've had a number of opportunities to train other developers and teams, including the development team at PETA, but these were private sessions that only helped a handful of people. I see the Mentive platform as an opportunity to reach many more people than I otherwise would on my own.

In my section...
You will learn all of the essential skills you need to start building websites. As a web developer I use these skills on a daily basis and will tell you exactly why and how they are useful. As someone who is self-taught I also understand that web development (and programming in general) can seem overwhelming at first, so I try to get right to the point and skip the information you don't really need.

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