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" I came, I saw, I radically disrupted "

I've been mucking about with computers for over 30 years, starting with early attempts to program games in basic on the BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum in the 80s. I studied AstroPhysics, then Cognitive Science and then Computer Science at university, picking up a PhD (building Neural Nets in C and C++) and two masters along the way. I researched mobile agents at Toshiba in Japan (Java) then went freelance for two years (writing tech articles and building the NeuroGrid search engine, and working with the Cerego learning engine - lots of SQL). After that it was researching Peer to Peer at University of Tokyo, and then to University of Hawaii where I was working with collaborative systems, augmented reality and started programming in both PHP and Ruby/Rails.

Short Biography
Jumping back and forth between industry and academia for some 25 years, Sam specializes in Agile, Scrum, Programming, Machine Learning, and trying to make a difference.

My education and professional experience
I taught Computer Science for Hawaii Pacific University remotely from the UK (Software Engineering, Computer Games programming) for five years, during which time I got involved in MOOCs (I co-run the "Agile Development using Ruby on Rails" course on edX with UCBerkeley) and started AgileVentures. Then I ran the MakersAcademy coding bootcamp in London for a couple of years, and now I'm full time trying to make AgileVentures a sustainable charity enterprise.

Why I am teaching this course
Armando and Dave's course excites me in terms of how it tries to deliver practical helpful advice about software engineering. I always want to drill down to what actually works, and in order to make the course better (I am a co-instructor with Dave and Armando) I want to reach out to as many people as possible to improve their experience of their course.

In my section...
I've taught in traditional bricks and mortar universities face to face, remote from the other side of the world, MOOCs and in professional bootcamps. I'll be bringing all my expertise and understanding to helping you get the most out of this course.

I'm from the UK, have a British accent, am working on trying to slow down my rate of speech and continue improving as a programmer and a human being. I also speak Japanese. I lived in Japan for six years. My wife is Japanese, and we use Japanese as our family language at home with my three football (soccer) obsessed sons (11,7,7).

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