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Hello! I'll be your mentor for this course and I'm hoping you will enjoy this experience as much I will :)

Short Biography
Umaira has a BS in Computer Science. Currently, she is a TA at Lahore University of Management Sciences. She is an author of Designing Interactive Technologies for Children with Autism in Pakistan: Possibilities and Challenges.

My education and professional experience
I'm a Senior doing Computer Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). I'm interested towards Computer Graphics, Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction.

Why I am teaching this course
I've often taught in the past but I have never taught or mentored online so I'm guessing this will be an interesting experience.

In my section...
You will learn about ruby and ruby on rails in general. Most importantly, you will learn what is the correct process to go about developing an application. The process is very important to learn and how to make your application user-centric.

'See you in class!'

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