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" The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now... "

Originally an Industrial Engineer, I worked for over 15 years on Top Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device companies like Pfizer, Amgen, TEVA, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Baxter. So it was time for a change and decided I wanted to pursuit my other passion of building Software. With that vision in mind, I completed a second BS in Information Technology/Software Engineering and now working towards a Master of Science in Software Engineering at the San Jose State University. On the software side, on 2009 I started coding as a hobby and in 2013 I founded Code Piazza as the company I was working for, closed operations in Puerto Rico. Some of my iOS work can be found in the Apple App Store (SerBees, Show Shoe, Zapatos and Gun Stage) and some of my Web applications can be found at my GitHub account under carlo379.

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Carlos is starting his second career in Software Engineering after 15+ years as an industrial engineer. His new passion of building software led him to found a company, develop apps for Apple,and teach SaaS and software development with Agile.

My education and professional experience
Education: San Jose State University Masters of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) Anticipated graduation August 2017. University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Software Engineering (BSIT/SE) University of Puerto Rico Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) Profesional Experience: Founder, Code Piazza - Software Development (iOS and Web Apps) Quality Systems Supervisor, Medtronic - Medical Devices Manufacturing Manager Production Operations, Pfizer - Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Manufacturing Manager, Amgen - Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Why I am teaching this course
Got SaaS? If Not, you should, because Software as a Service is changing how software is created and delivered to the users. In 2010, the SaaS market reached $13 billion and by the end of this year it is expected to reach $78 billions. SaaS is here and is moving fast!

In my section...
On this section I will share current trends in SaaS and Cloud computing as they are occurring, right here, in Silicon Valley. So this is going to be interactive and full of current information.

Come and Join Me on this course to learn current SaaS technologies and explore how it will transform the way people and companies operate!

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