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" I always expect the unexpected. "

In as circuitous a reason as a philosopher is wont to offer, my school of thought is reliant on schooling my thought – thoroughly, regularly; keeping abreast of web development, software development and everything about technology.

Short Biography
Aditya is an accomplished Teaching Assistant for 15 online courses. He shares tech tips on his own blog. Currently Ruby-on-Rails developer at Clot, Web Developer at Recroup, and Teaching Assistant for CS-169 course on edX.

My education and professional experience
Currently I am working as Full stack Ruby on Rails developer with growing startup. Instead of joining big companies I choose to join Startups to give my significant contribution in field of computer science. I have experience of building Startup from zero to a noteworthy level - From planning to launching - From failure to success. I have done more than 15 MOOCs on computer science via edx and other online platforms. I also have my own blog where I share rails tutorials and other tech info.

Why I am teaching this course
I am teaching this course to learn by sharing knowledge with students. To think on the questions that never came to my mind.

In my section...
I was an average student and I know where most of the students get confused. I have learnt from mistakes and I know how to catch mistakes. In my section you can get practical knowledge as I believe in learning by doing.

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