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" I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. "

I have a great taste for electronics. I have completed more than ten on-line courses related to electronics. I had taken electronic interfaces course first time it was offered and I got perfect ( 100%) grade in it. I have three years of experience in designing electronic chips. Digital design is my speciality.This is the best an electronics engineer can wish for. Apart from that I have designed many electronics projects from discrete components for example: electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor, wall following robot, wireless transmission platform using infra-red LED and a smart contraption which can indicate whether any human being is dead or alive under a second without measuring vitals.

Short Biography
Tapas has an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. His current project is a digital stethoscope at Indian Institute of Technology. He deeply loves electronics, and is even more enthusiastic about teaching it.

My education and professional experience
I am a lifelong learner, I have passion for learning new concepts everyday. Formally I have done engineering (B.Tech) from electronics and communication branch. Right after my engineering I worked for robotics firm, there I developed micro-controller platform based upon Atmel series of micro-controllers (something like arduino board). Right now I am working on digital stethoscope, for auscultating heart sound and transmitting to the doctor's end without any distortion at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay.

Why I am teaching this course
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Electronics is always taught in dull and dry way, enthusiasm of the subject is lost in mundane equations and derivations. I want to break this convention by using hands on learning. I will employ various tools to reinforce concepts like NI myDAQ---Instrumentation device to show live demonstration of the concept. Before making any circuit, I will simulate circuit in circuit simulation software like NI multisim. I will familiarize students with electronic components and explain all parameters. I am very enthusiastic in giving practical learning techniques to students. This way of learning will help in retaining concepts for a long time.

In my section...
In my section you will fall in love with electronics. I will give personal attention to each individual. I will also help you with procurement of electronics components and also advice with alternative parts that can be used. Before making any circuit, I will simulate the circuit in multisim, so you will get immediate idea what will work and what will not, why? I will show you how to refer to reference design sheet by circuit manufactures such as Texas instruments and Analog devices. How to effectively read datasheet for using them in your design. Various on-line forums where you can get help. In short I will teach you about electronic industry best practices. Apart from this, I will help you ace the course, by giving you various tricks of the subject. I will make you understand homework questions perfectly even before you will try solving it.

Once I had connected multimeter to my wall outlet in current measurement mode. After that there was a huge bang and transformer near my house started ejecting wild sparks. That day everyone in my house, had to sleep without electricity. P.S.--- Don't ever do that with your multimeter, I can't emphasize enough . Join me in this wonderful course to know why that thing happened. We will have fun over electronics.

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