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" Hello there! My name is Vyron and I am an electrical and computer engineer. Ready to build some circuits? Let's go! "

Short Biography
Vyron graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in electric power systems. His passion is helping others glimpse the fascinating world of electronic interfaces by building a robot on a breadboard before your eyes.

My education and professional experience
After graduating from the University, I was looking for a new challenge; then I came across Coursera and edX and was impressed with the quality and breadth of the content offered. Naturally, I was hooked, and ended up completing 14 courses in 9 months! It was a wonderful experience, as it allowed me to reflect on what I had learned the previous years, while enjoying a different perspective. It was also a nice opportunity to get back to stuff that I loved, namely electronic circuits. And now I'm here to help you explore this fascinating world and show you what's so great about it!

Why I am teaching this course
"Electronic Interfaces" is a great course, easily one of the best online courses I have ever taken, in part to the hands-on aspect and in part to the enthusiasm of the professors as well as their eagerness to let everyone have a glimpse at the fascinating world of electrical engineering. Personally, even though I already had some considerable exposure to circuits and electronics in the University, I still found the course very thorough and immensely satisfying; quite frankly, nothing beats the feeling of building something with your hands. Throughout the course, we will be executing everything step by step in weekly modules and in the end we will have before our eyes a complete robot that can do cool stuff like respond to light and sound. Undoubtedly, without any previous exposure to the material, building and debugging the circuits can be challenging at times, and that's were a mentor would come into play. My job will be to help you get through obstacles and enjoy this great course to the last drop!

In my section...
...we will deal with the theoretical aspects of electronic circuits, going over the most involved stuff presented in the course lectures. I will also guide you through the weekly homework, and passing the course will truly be a breeze! However, it doesn't end here; in essence, you will be joining my personal lab where I will be building all the circuits in front of your eyes, on an actual breadboard. You can bet we are going to have lots of fun!

The world of Electronics Interfaces awaits us to explore it to its fullest. Follow me and together we will build an awesome robot! See you in class!

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Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds
Michel M. Maharbiz, Tom Zajdel, University of California, Berkeley edX
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