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" Occasional athlete. Obsessive learner. PhD in Getting Stuff Done. "

I'm excited building SAAS and applications that help to improve people's lives by making them more motivated, more efficient, and more connected.

Short Biography
As an early MOOC adopter I've seen and been lucky to be part of changing the landscape of online education. Starting out my career as a financial journalist then operations manager, I returned to my first love of programming after taking MOOCs.

My education and professional experience
After receiving a Bsc Hons in Economics from SOAS, University of London, I went on to work with the Financial Times as a writer before becoming an Operations Manager at a hardware tech company. After leaving my job with the inspiration from MOOCs like Engineering Software as a Service I attended the inaugural MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and have worked MITx and with YC company, Airpair, since. See some of the amazing people and cool projects I've been fortunate to work with/on here:

Why I am teaching this course
My main motivation is to give back to the community which has enabled me to carve a new reality for myself. I look forward to helping enable you achieving your goals both in the course and beyond. You all are some of the brightest people in the world, it is truly a privilege to get to know you!

In my section...
Come prepared to learn from each other, curious to explore the technical content, and ready to think on your feet! We'll try to keep a great mix of practicality and pragmatism throughout.

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