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" Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. "

I am a software engineer based in cold but comforting Toronto, Canada! Currently I spent most of my time with my startup, Before that I was a web developer and instructor at Bitmaker Labs, a coding bootcamp.

Short Biography
Oskar is on the founding team at Hockeystick, a stock portfolio management SaaS company. Winner of OCE SmartStart Award in 2015. A full stack developer, building mainly in Rails, Angular, Meteor, Javascript, Backbone.

My education and professional experience
I have developed web applications for numerous companies in Canada, and have taught web development to students very much like yourself! My own startup, growing upwards and to the right, use the very principles you learn in this class!

Why I am teaching this course
I loved the course material three years ago and believe I can pay it forward by helping many of you!

In my section...
You can expect extra work, as well lots of walking through code to get a full understanding of what is happening. You can also expect questions from me to enhance your learning!

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