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" Learning should be fun and exciting "

I struggled learning in a traditional classroom setting. I was learning for a grade vs learning for joy and mastery. Moocs really helped me change my perspective. I like learning new things and meeting people at tech meetups in my city.

Short Biography
Nidhin struggled to learn in the traditional classroom setting but thrived when he discovered MOOCs. He is a computer science major whose first programming class was Java. He wants to help students overcome the pain points he encountered.

My education and professional experience
Programmed in Java through my undergrad and master sin computer science Programmed professionally in Java at Comcast. Also programmed in python, C#, javascript

Why I am teaching this course
Java was my first programming language. Java is a very nice language that is used by many companies however there is a learning curve. I would love to help a newcomer overcome the pain points I encountered.

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Introduction to Programming
Introduction to Programming with Java Part 1: Starting to Code with Java
Carlos Delgado, Carmen Fernández, Iria Estévez-Ayres, Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid edX
(6 students)
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