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" Use my experience and kills to help empower self-motivated learners "

I believe everyone should be free to learn. This requires the freedom to choose learning materials and the freedom to find mentors that can demonstrate the desired skills. MOOC + Mentive solves the problem, which is why I so excited about mentoring students on this platform.

Short Biography
Baochuan teaches computer science courses at university level. He enjoys helping students learn and grow.

My education and professional experience
All my degrees are in computer engineering. Having worked in the industry as a software engineer I started teaching computer science at a University in 2008. I have always been passionate about software craftsmanship and are involved in multiple open source projects, such as mediawiki and openstack.

Why I am teaching this course
This course builds on top of the SaaS I course by covering more advanced software engineering topics. As usual, the course not only teaches principles and theories but also helps build skills for real-world problem solving. It is a pleasure to help students master this great course.

In my section...
I will help explain challenging concepts, answer questions, and demonstrate the skills you need to master.

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Modern Web Development
Engineering Software as a Service - part 2
Armando Fox, David Patterson, Sam Joseph, University of California, Berkeley edX
(4 students)
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