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" I'm a computer scientist by day and Batman by night (don't tell anyone). =) "

I was born and raised in California. I went to college in Arizona and studied game programming. Later I got accepted into a Masters program at UCSC, where I have now progressed into a PhD program. My current research interests involve adaptive and dynamic technological solutions for understanding cognitive impairment and aid in rehabilitation.

Short Biography
Sean-Ryan is a PhD computer science candidate, and part of the Interactive Systems for Individuals with Special Needs Lab. As an experienced classroom TA, he also interned at IBM Research on a smartphone app to help blind users with indoor navigation.

My education and professional experience
I received my bachelors degree in game programming at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona. I am now working on my PhD in computer science here at UCSC. I've TA'ed for at least 4 different courses including Pre-Calculus, Intro to Java, Intro to Computers, and a course on usability and accessibility of technology. I've travel around the country a little and taught high school and middle school students about coding through a program called the Digital Media Academy. I've also had industry experience when I interned at IBM Research - Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan where I worked on developing a smartphone app to help blind users with indoor navigation.

Why I am teaching this course
I am teaching this course to continue to help bright individuals reach their potential in coding and show that coding, though difficult at times, can be fun and rewarding. I hope to make learning to code in Java as easy and intuitive as possible.

In my section...
I hope to make my section as interactive as possible. Normally I do live coding in which students tell me things they want to happen and we code together to figure out how to make that happen. I usually like to make things as visual as possible. This is my first online section, so it will also be a learning process for me as well.

Do you want to code a snowman? Let's code together!

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