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" I am excited to be mentoring this course again and look forward to helping others learn. "

Short Biography
Michael brings 25+ years of field experience with electronics, computers and programming. He has enhanced his programming skills with over 40 online courses. He enjoys helping others learn and putting knowledge to practical use.

My education and professional experience
I have an Electronics Technician Diploma and A+ certification. I have been working with electronics, computers and programming for 25+ years. I have programmed in many different languages over those years. I have been involved with MOOC's and the SAAS course in various aspects since 2013. I have completed over 40 online courses, most of which were programming related.

Why I am teaching this course
I have mentored this course before and it was a rewarding experience for both me and my students.

In my section...
I will help you with the theory and give you any help you need to understand how to put it to practical use in the assignments and beyond.

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