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" There is data without information, but there's no information without data. "

Hi, welcome to my Mentive profile. I've been programming and working with big data for over 10 years, and am truly excited about generating new insight from data. There's nothing like that moment where millions of rows and columns suddenly translate into a clear insight. I have a special passion for mentoring and helping others experience this feeling too.

Short Biography
Gal is a Senior Data Engineer and Analyst with many years of experience at Oracle, UC Berkeley, and startups in San Francisco, New York, and Israel. She currently is studying towards her Master's degree in Data Science from UC Berkeley.

My education and professional experience
After completing my Bachelor's degree in computer science, I continued working full time for Oracle, designing big data systems and ETL processes for the company's customers. I have since worked for startups with offices in San Francisco, New York and Israel designing and building their data pipelines and infrastructure. I am now a full time Analyst for UC Berkeley while pursuing my Master's in Data Science (also from UC Berkeley!)

In my section...
I look forward to meeting in the Mentive classroom - please make sure to review the course materials before our weekly meetings to ensure we have a productive and interesting discussion. Our classes will be an interactive discussion that depends a lot on everyone's participation - so feel free to take an active part!

Our classes are pet-friendly, cats on keyboard are most welcome :)

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