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" I see great people "

I work with software development since 1996, and started my first company at 2002. I've been doing business related to consulting and training services from this date on. I had the chance to work for big companies, government and since 2009 I'm partner and CTO @, a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, helping to grow the team, and also the product from a technology and a market perspective.

Short Biography
Daniel is Partner/CTO at, an Agile Methodologies practitioner since 2003, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) trainer, writer and mentor.

Why I am teaching this course
I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, and want to help people to fail fast and find their path while building new products and services.

In my section...
It will be very dynamic and focused on real life experiences building products and services.

Do you have an idea or a problem to solve? Let's bring that to reality! :D

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