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" Find new questions to answer instead of merely answering questions "

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Dhananjay is a Computer Engineering student and an ardent MOOC fan. He has been the Google Student Ambassador for his college. Dhananjay also volunteers as a Community TA for the Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails XSeries on edX.

My education and professional experience
I am a senior undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai. I have conducted multiple seminars and workshops on various technical topics in college. I am a Google Student Ambassador Alumnus and the current HackerRank Campus Ambassador for my college.

Why I am teaching this course
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python was the very first MOOC I took and earned a certificate. So this course holds an extremely special place in my heart. Professor Eric Grimson has been my inspiration ever since. It is him and the course which got me hooked onto programming in Python. I have realised that students despise programming because often they aren't taught well. I would like to offer my small contribution in changing this attitude. It would be like giving back to the roots, where I belong!

I hope you join me in this journey. I look forward to interacting and learning from you :)

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