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" Matrices all the way down "

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Katherine is working on her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. She studies how students use the MOOCs taught by Vanderbilt, and MATLAB in particular, and tries to come up with ways to improve their experiences.

Why I am teaching this course
I have TA'ed the on campus version of Introduction to Programming with Matlab more than four times. When Dr. Ledeczi, Dr. Tairas and Dr. Fitzpatrick decided to make it into a MOOC they asked if I would like to help since I research MOOCs. I worked with them on deciding how the assignments would be set up and helped answer forum questions in the first two offerings. As a result of being so involved with this course from the beginning, this has become my favorite Vanderbilt MOOC, and I am very excited to see that it has become so popular.

In my section...
This course is all about familiarizing yourself with Matlab so messing around in Matlab is key. If you are wondering what happens when you run a command sequence try running it. If you notice something weird please make a note of it so we can talk about it as a group.

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