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" Cogito ergo sum ( René Descartes ) "

Hi! My name is Svitlana (short form is Sveta). I'm originally from Ukraine, beautiful city Lviv. I've always been passionate about mathematics and computers, so I chose to study Computer Science in University. Now I am a Software Developer, working mainly with C++. I like to learn new algorithms, and their applications in various areas (like Genomic Data Science).

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Svitlana is a Software Developer, working in Information Technology since 2006. She's also a MOOC-er, and ready to help you to master programming!

My education and professional experience
I studied Computer Science at Lviv Polytechnic National University and obtained Master's Degree there. My favorite courses were Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Programming in C++ and other. I started to work in IT in 2006 as Quality Assurance Engineer, then became a Software Developer utilizing mostly C++, and C# for some projects.

Why I am teaching this course
I am a learner myself, and I'm willing to help others with understanding the material.

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