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" Blue pill or red pill? "

I constantly ask questions and try to answer them. About science, about the world. That's why I love programming - it's a great tool for answers production :)

Short Biography
Marta is currently a PhD candidate in Medicine and used MATLAB during her Master's studies in biotechnology to process and analyze image matrices. Her passion is using technology as a tool to help find answers.

My education and professional experience
I've finished biotechnology studies and just started my Ph.D. in Medicine at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. During my Master's, I discovered the beauty of microscopy images. And the amount of information they contain! I've started to study the image processing and analysis on my own, and that's how I ended up using Matlab - a wonderful tool for processing matrices and thus - images. For more details - visit my LinkedIn profile

Why I am teaching this course
I have attended several Coursera courses in programming - Matlab and Python. I love the flexibility and inspiration which give us the MOOC courses. Now I want to pass you my knowledge about Matlab, and find new solutions for old and new problems.

In my section...
Hopefully we will create a great group, solving problems together and finding new challenges. And maybe in the end creating some projects together?

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