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" Learning is incomparable when done with a group. "

I'm currently working as software developer in Bangalore, India. I believe in learning something new each day as a result of which i keep a tremendous participation in MOOC's from edx and coursera. Apart from professional aspect i religiously follow soccer and also try to keep up with my long lasting interest in multiplayer gaming.

Short Biography
Puneet is a software engineer currently working for Oracle in India. Believing that one should learn something new each day, he loves programming, online courses, multiplayer games, soccer, and has been teaching on Mentive since October 2015.

My education and professional experience
I currently work in Bangalore, India with more than 3 years of software development experience with MNC and startups. I hold a Master's Degree in Software Systems. Recently i developed some appetite for open source by getting along with Agile ventures.

Why I am teaching this course
With so many wide varieties of option available to a beginner in software development, it often gets really confusing to understand and find a starting point in a long list of languages. My aim is to not only describe and explain what basic programming is all about, but also give a good head start for making further learning plans after the course. I also believe that being classically object oriented, Java is an excellent language to start and stick with.

In my section...
* Clarification on any doubt related to issues with programming assignment. * Detailed explanation on what's wrong with the code and how to make it right. * Availability to address your issues is not limited to just the section but anytime during the duration of the course. * Help with troubleshooting environment setup issues. * Anything more you are willing to add.

* Punctuality is very important and i do wanna make sure that you guys make excellent use of your time with Mentive. It also helps me to have more time to understand your problems. * Remember that there are no stupid questions, at any time you are very welcome to ask any doubt related to course.

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