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" I fall in love with software programming. Coding practice is not an option for me "

After these years of working in different projects under pressure and some times tough conditions, It is truly interesting and useful to share this experience with others. I practiced training in extensively in the last four years and I found it something I really much enjoy.

Short Biography
Ahmed has almost 11 years of experience working in software industry including development under Linux and Windows platforms, training and process engineering.

My education and professional experience
Ahmed has been graduated from the faculty of engineering, Ain shams university, Electronics and Communication department. During almost 11 years of working in both multinational and Governmental organizations, he has worked in various software projects from different aspects including software development with C/C++,Lex/YACC, Java and shell scripting, software testing, quality assurance and software project management. He has a practical experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies and implementation methodologies especially, the development and deployment of Java-based web services. Ahmed has also practiced the implementation and integration of SOA solutions in the smart space domain using Mule ESB open source platform during his work in the Energy-Aware Smart Building project under the umbrella of the EU-funded REinforcing COoperation CAPacity of Egypt (RECOCAPE) project. In addition, Ahmed has team coaching and development skills through the management of complex and multi-stakeholders projects. Working with European Union in FP7 and H2020 large-scale projects has also added a set of communication and organization skills to his profile.

Why I am teaching this course
I believe in the pyramid of learning which says that being professional in something is tested by trying to learn it to others, if they understand it from you, then you are deeply understanding it.

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