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" If you keep doing the same thing, then you will keep getting the same results "

I am a Software Engineer who thinks that "Software is eating the world", also that the world would have been different without UNIX/Linux and git. I am fascinated with recent AI advancements and believe that in future we will have more Conversational Interfaces and that bots and robots will be here to help us(mostly).

Short Biography
Armen loved computers and programs from early ages, from first interaction with DOS and NC blue screen at the age of 6. His passion led him to pursue MSc IT degree at HKUST. In his Software Engineer career he worked for big/medium companies and startups

My education and professional experience
Got MSc in IT from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, after graduation started as a Ruby on Rails Developer in a Startup Company. During past 5 years I worked as a Senior Java Developer at Workfront, then UpWork. Experienced in designing Service Oriented Architecture, worked on projects focused on decoupling monolithic architectures and moving towards Microservices. Currently interested in designing and building Chatbots.

Why I am teaching this course
I am teaching this course because it was very important class that I took and very inspiring one for me personally. Later I recommended this course to my friends and now I have a chance to be part of it. I cannot miss this chance to inspire others. This is a great opportunity for me to help people become a better/agile developers. Life is short for non-agile things.

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