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" Live out the confusions until they become clear "

Healthcare engineer. Curious by nature. Food photos makes me go 'dayum'.

Short Biography
Jimmy received his MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering.He is currently working at Guided Therapeutics Laboratory on image guided applications that combine computer vision, graphics, augmented reality, multi-modal imaging, and robotics.

My education and professional experience
I received my BASc and MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering at U of T. Since graduating, I've been working at the Guided Therapeutics Laboratory at University Health Network on image guided applications that combine areas such as computer vision, computer graphics, augmented reality, multi-modal imaging, molecular agents, navigation, and robotics. Outside of my professional work, I actively participate in the Toronto tech and creative community. I've worked on projects that have been awarded and showcased at Hacking Health Toronto, Startup Weekend Tech4Good, ideaBOOST, and Foundry music festival.

Why I am teaching this course
One of the my most enjoyable grad experiences was being a TA for the upper year control systems courses. Since becoming an engineer at a large research hospital, I've had the opportunity to supervise and mentor engineering and computer science students within our lab. Teaching and learning is a way to break divides, it helps us understand each other - thinking and working more collaboratively. You learn a lot more about a subject through teaching and learn a lot more beyond the subject as well.

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