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" You learn to code by coding! "

One day robots will inherit the Earth, but until then I hope to help other humans acquire good math and coding skills. I am a hacker with a concern for theory and good programming. I think it is very important to learn by doing, to experiment and become fluent in programming languages, but it is also important to understand the theories behind analysis techniques, what everything really means and how it works. Keeping it real. I try to strike a balance between being skeptical, respecting ancestral wisdom, breaking paradigms and embracing new ways of doing things.

Short Biography
I always loved computers. I went to grad school hoping to become a researcher and a teacher in computation, but ended up steering away from the academy and towards the industry. I just like a lot to program, but also to study, teach and do research.

My education and professional experience
Doctorate in electrical engineering from USP, Brazil. My main concentration area is computer vision, but I have studied many different topics involving pattern recognition, machine learning and data analysis. During my doctorate I had an internship at Google, in the US, working with computer vision. After that I spent 3 years at a Brazilian ed-tech startup working with data analysis but also some web development, acquiring a lot of practical software development experience that is hard to get in the academy. I am currently a postdoc at Osram in Germany, back into computer vision.

Why I am teaching this course
I hope to be able to share some of my knowledge and experience with other people, while keeping up-to-date with technology myself. Data analysis comprises many important and useful tools, and I like helping people to get hold of its power. But I am also concerned with all the hype surrounding it. I would like to make sure there is good information spread out there, to get people in touch with ancestral academic knowledge, and not to steer away from good theory. I'd also like to help turn script kids into software developers.

In my section...
I like looking into practical examples of everything, running simulations of models and instructive experiments. I also like to learn the history of technologies, and curiosities, and I'm sure to bring this kind of knowledge into classes. Usually not spending much time in theory exposition and details, really looking forward more to giving some motivation to learn new ideas, reaching general insights and acquiring practical experience.

I am receptive to all kinds of people, and I rather try to teach something to someone who wasn't ready than keeping any knowledge to myself. I tend not to be much of a nanny, tourist guide or Victorian instructor, but rather a zen master or hermit sage. I expect my students to be studying and practicing things by themselves, so we can later talk about their experiences, or they can later experiment about something I suggested. I blog and tweet, and I'm open to talk about any topics and to hear crazy ideas. I love Linux, Wikipedia, and my main languages are C, Python and Scala. I can be a little passionate about some technologies sometimes, but don't let that scare you.

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