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Translating human problems into machine problems.

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Rafael is an economist with 6+ years of experience as a consultant for the government of Uruguay in software and data analysis. He has taught CS and Statistics at the university level and is passionate about online learning and remote collaboration.

My education and professional experience
I am an economist with several years of has experience working as a consultant for the goverment of Uruguay. From 2008 to 2014 I taught Computer Science, Statistics and Econometrics at my university. Being dissatisfied with the processes my teams were following, I looked around for new ideas for working collaboratively to solve complex problems with technology, and came across Ruby on Rails and the Agile community. Agile practices like Test Driven Developent, Pair Programming and Refactoring have radically changed the way I work.

Why I am teaching this course
I drank the Agile kool-aid, and I'm more than happy to show you why I liked it so much. Ruby on Rails is a very good fit for this methodology, and is a great tool to make both coders and clients happy. Besides, this course is one of my favorite MOOCs. The material is very relevant for anyone working with technology, and the programming assignments are very well designed.

In my section...
My objective will be to find out where you are, and help you move forward. When trying to get a points across to a student, I found that nothing can replace good rapport.

I'm thrilled to guide you along this journey!

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