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Our Mission

Connect online students and mentors globally, and provide them with tools to turn any online course into an interactive learning experience.

About Mentive

Knowledge turns dreams into reality. Education brings knowledge. Mentive is a global educational community where students and mentors meet to turn any online course into an interactive learning experience.

Today, thousands of courses are available online, providing access to content that has previously been available only to a select few. However, no two students are the same and therefore, one set of readings or videos simply cannot fit everyone. We also know that real learning happens when students can ask questions, engage with classmates and have a live teacher to learn from. Simply put - for valuable education to take place, personal interactions are required.

We were determined to find a way to enhance all the great online courses out there with the benefits of face-to-face learning. That’s why we started Mentive.

Mentive empowers knowledgeable individuals to guide small groups of students through online courses, as mentors. They offer classes in various time zones and languages, to ensure students enjoy the best online learning experience. When university students have questions, they go to teaching-assistant sections; when online students have questions, they come to Mentive. We look forward to seeing you too.