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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mentive sections?

Taking an online course often means watching recorded lectures and researching everything that you don’t understand on your own after trying to get some help on course forums. Mentive sections are designed to bring more structure to your learning process, guide you through the course, help you each time you feel lost in the material and turn online learning from a one-way monologue into a collaborative discussion.

Sections on Mentive are weekly interactive online meetings, in which the course material is further practiced and discussed. Each section is taught by an experienced mentor. Students can ask questions, watch live examples and interact with their classmates in order to really learn the topics at hand.

The sections are available in various time zones and languages, so that you can find the one that works best for you.

How many live meetings are there per course?

The number of meetings varies per course. Visit a course page on Mentive to find out how many live weekly meetings are offered for that course

Can I join only some of the live meetings?

When joining a section on Mentive, you get access to the full set of weekly meetings. While you do not have to attend all of them, we highly encourage you to do so. Students who miss a meeting will not be able to attend a make-up session.

Does joining a section cost money?

Yes. Charging a fee for joining a section allows us to attract experienced mentors to teach live meetings and be available to answer your questions in real time.

Who are the mentors who teach sections on Mentive?

Mentors are professionals in the fields they are teaching. Their expertise comes from education or work experience, or both. Each potential mentor goes through a rigorous assessment and is tested on both the knowledge and the ability to teach. We require them to be highly familiar with the course content and structure. Only about 5% of applicants are accepted to be mentors and can offer their section on the platform.

Can I become a mentor?

Definitely. If you are interested in teaching a course we support, take a look at the application and requirements to become a mentor.

How big is the class for each section?

Class size on Mentive is up to 25 students. This size allows the mentor to provide personalized attention to each student, and lets students benefit from participating in live discussions with their classmates.

What is the 14-day 100% money back guarantee?

We are here to help you learn. If you attend the first two meetings of a section you are enrolled in and do not wish to continue, we guarantee a full refund of the fees paid. If you wish to unenroll from a section, please contact us here

Do I get a certificate upon completing the course?

Mentive helps you learn from any course on the web - we do not offer our own course completion certificates. If you wish to earn a certificate to demonstrate your knowledge of the course materials - please visit the website offering the course to find if such certificates are available.

Will you be offering sections for more online courses?

Sure! We are constantly updating our list of online courses and sections. Mentive will support courses from various platforms and institutions so stay tuned. If you think there’s a course or section we should be adding, please let us know.

Will there be a section available in my language?

If you cannot find a section in your language, let us know !

What is the referral link for?

On your profile page, there is a referral code that you can use to invite friends to Mentive. It doesn’t matter where you post this link - we will keep track of your referrals. If a new user comes from your referral code and enrolls in any section, they get 25% off the section price. You will also get 25% off any section on Mentive as long as your friend does not unenroll. For each successful referral, you’ll get bonus points that you can use to request your discount, whenever you decide to. If you refer 6 new users and apply all of the earned bonus points to one section, you can take any section for any course for free. You can use the points for sections you already paid for - we will refund the amount of the referral bonus you earned.